Paradise Beaches

Tobago has many hidden bays and beaches only accessible by boat or on foot, sometimes through rough terrain, for the joy of the more adventurous ones.

So the whole idea is to take our guest once again off the beaten track, to discover these hidden treasures and let you relax for one day on a deserted beach.


After driving through the beautiful countryside we’ll leave the jeep behind to continue on foot to reach one of the many remote beaches that Tobago has to offer.

We’ll spend the day enjoying paradise, snorkeling, swimming and sun tanning. In the area there are also different trails for those who would like to do more than just soak-up the rays.

Included: Drinks on board, picnic lunch.

Attire: Comfortable sportswear, comfortable walking shoes, bathing suit

Duration of tour: 7-8 hrs (pick-up at your hotel 9:00 AM)

Price per person: 85 USD adults - 45 USD children under 12 years

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