Surface area: 300 km2 - population: 50000

Time difference:

Summer – 5 hours GMT, winter – 4 hours GMT

Currency: Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TT$) - Exchange rate: 1 US$ = 6 TT$

Language: English


Tropical, 23°/33°C, water 28°C. Rainy season is from June to November, with brief heavy rainfall, rarely persistent. Tobago is situated outside of the hurricane belt.

Local dishes:

Creole cuisine, rice, fish, chicken, and vegetables. Indian influence with spicy curry dishes.Crab and dumpling, callaloo, roti, bake and shark to mention a few. A large variety of exotic fruit like papaya (pow pow),mango, five fingers, golden apple, guava, tamarind, coconut, passion fruit, pomerac.



Departure tax:

100$ TT (17 US$) upon departure


Local hand crafts, batik, carved Calabash (local tree), bamboo and wood crafts, hats and baskets made of palm leaves, leather sandals, beautiful paintings many of which are displayed at “The Art Gallery” of Lowlands.

Further Information:

For further information about holidaymaking on Tobago, we recommend, the definitive visitor guide to Tobago



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