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Fabrizio and Claire, owners and managers, have been offering tourism services since 2001.

Having taken up residence in the Caribbean, we thought, why not give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Tobago at affordable prices.

That is when we decided to start up Tobago Now Tourism Services.

We began by offering excursions aimed at discovering the hidden beauty of this island: jeep safari, trekking to waterfalls, secluded beaches etc…

Meanwhile, after patiently exploring the island for two years, we selected the best hotels, apartments and villas offering excellent service, at the best prices for you.
We cater to the needs of our clients down to the smallest detail at any time, offering a high quality personalized service, in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

Tobago Now, welcomes you to Tobago the island of Robinson Crusoe!




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